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Classic oxtail stew

SERVES 8 | EASY | 30 mins + 4 hrs, to slow-roast:

Things you’ll need:
Canola oil, to fry
1 onion, peeled and diced
1 celery stick, chopped
2 large (or 4 small) carrots, peeled and chopped
2 garlic cloves, peeled and minced
2,2kg oxtail
cake flour, to dust
2 tins chopped tomatoes
2 cups beef stock
10ml (2 tsp) dried mixed herbs
2 tins butter beans, drained and rinsed
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Chopped parsley leaves, to garnish
Rice or mashed potato, to serve

Step 1

Preheat your oven to 160°C. Place your 33cm Capri Cast Iron pot over medium heat and add a drizzle of oil, along with the onion, celery and carrots and fry, about 10 minutes until soft and slightly browned.

Step 2

While the veggies brown, place the oxtail in a large zip-lock bag and add about 3 tablespoons of cake flour, close the bag and toss to coat the oxtail in flour (you may need to do this in 2 batches as all the oxtail may not fit in the bag at once).

Step 3

Add the flour-dusted oxtail to the casserole once the veggies are soft, then add the tins of tomatoes, beef stock and dried herbs (the liquid should cover the meat, if not, add a little more beef stock so the meat is completely covered).

Step 4

Put the lid on your 33cm Capri Cast Iron pot and place in the preheated oven. Slow roast for 4 hours until very tender, then stir through the butter beans, season well to taste and serve garnished with chopped parsley and rice or mashed potato.


Items used in this recipe

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