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Placing an order

Can I place my order by phone or email?
Orders can only be placed with an agent or through our online website. If you have a query or need help placing your order, please contact our Customer Service Department at websales@capri.co.za. Alternatively, you can phone (+27 11 438 3600) or sms us (+27 83 453 3503). One of our helpful employees will contact you to ensure your online shopping experience is a pleasure.

Can I still change or cancel my order?
If you would like to change or cancel your order, please contact our Customer Service Team at enquiries@capri.co.za. These guys will gladly assist you!

I didn’t receive an order confirmation, what now?
If you paid via our COD method an order confirmation will automatically be sent to you as soon as the payment or transfer request is received. If this does not happen, please contact our Customer Service Team.
If you have chosen one of our payment plans, you will only receive an order confirmation once our Credit Vetting Department has approved your order. In order to receive such confirmation, all the necessary conditions should be met. If this does not happen, please contact our Customer Service Team. If your application has been rejected, you will immediately receive a SMS from our head office and a call from out Layby Team.


Please explain Capri’s payment plans?
Capri offers the following 3 different payment plans, please select the one that suits your needs the best: Cash, Credit or Layby

What is Capri’s payment plan terms?


CREDIT: 6 months: 6 equal, interest free installments. 12 months: 12 equal installments with 3.1% interest per annum. 24 months: 24 equal installments with 8.2% interest per annum.

LAYBY: an interest free option where you can pay 6, 12 or 24 equal monthly installments and receive your goods in three deliveries,after 30%, 70% and 100% of the total cost is paid. There is no delivery charge and this method allows you the freedom to make smaller payments without affecting your credit score.

What Payment methods does Capri use?
We focus on the following methods:
1. Debit order payments (compulsory for credit orders)
2. Direct bank transfers (on a monthly basis)
3. EFT payments

Can I pay when I collect my order?
Absolutely, we accept:
• Cash
• Credit Card
• EFT transfer


How do you deliver?
We have our own fleet of vehicles that delivers our products directly to our customers. We do deliveries all over South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. We do our best to ensure our deliveries are done as quickly and cost affectively as possible. You choose – receive your goods either at your home or your place of employment.

Can I also come pick my order up?
You can collect your order as soon as it is approved and processed (stock permitting). Our pick-up point is easily accessible and offers ample parking.

Our offices are located at:
South Africa (Head Office)
4 Naaf Street | Strijdompark Ext 2
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Plot 103 | Unit 4
Gaborone Industrial Commerce Park (GICP)
Unit 49 | Hyper Motor City
Maxwell Street

When is the best time to collect my order?
Anytime between 08h00 AM – 16h00 PM Monday to Friday 
Once your order is ready for collection, we will send you a SMS stating that your order was approved. If you do not yet receive an SMS, please contact our offices for more information.
South Africa: +27 11 438 3600 | Namibia: +264 61 402 303 | Botswana: +267 390 8073

Are there any delivery fees?
Great news! We offer free delivery to your nominated address. In the event that Capri or one of our logistic partners has to re-deliver, additional delivery charges may be incurred on the bases of your location. Should you require speed delivery we will make use of one of our trusted logistics partners. In this case additional costs, according to the size and weight of your package/products, may be added.

When can I expect my order to arrive?
The following factors influence delivery time: 
• Your location in South Africa, Botswana or Namibia
• The type of payment method you choose
Once your order has been received and approved, delivery will happen within 5 to 15 working days.
Please note: These are general indications which may differ in specific cases. This does not include public holidays, extreme weather conditions or other types of unforeseeable circumstances. However, Capri and our logistics partners will always make every effort to get your order delivered.

What if I’m not home when my order arrives?
The driver, his assistant or one of our call centre agents is responsible for your delivery. They will contact you 1 to 3 days prior to your delivery, however, should you or your nominated alternative recipient not be at home when your order arrives:
• We will contact you within 2 days to re-arrange the delivery.
• If you aren’t home the second time round, we will send your package back to the head office.

Do you deliver on weekends?
Yes, our logistics department do their utmost best to get your product(s) to you as soon as possible. It may happen that they deliver to you over the weekend.

Do you deliver in December?
No, our company are closed for the festive season:
• Any order received at head office in December will only be delivered in January the following year. If an order is received at head office before December but is incomplete or incorrect, it will not be captured in our system until the order is completed or corrected.

Who will deliver my order?
When placing an order, you can expect to receive it from:
• One of Capri’s drivers who will be accompanied by his assistant
• One of our agents
• One of our selected logistic partners
Note: If you encounter any problems with our delivery services, please contact our friendly customer service department on +27 11 438 3600.

My order was delivered, but is incomplete, what do I do?
We do everything we can to prevent such errors, but on the off chance something is amiss…we will immediately do whatever is necessary to set the situation right. Please contact our Complaints Department on +27 11 438 3600 as soon as you realize the mistake and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Will I be notified automatically if the delivery time changes?
Yes, we always do our best to inform you in advance of changes to delivery times. You will receive a SMS or phone call from our head office or the driver who is responsible for your product.

Can I change the delivery address?
Capri offers two available options for delivery: Residential Address or Work Address. Products will only be handed over to you or the person you initially chose as an alternative recipient at one of these locations. No alternative locations will be accepted.

Return policy

I want to return a product. Now what?
We do our best to ensure that all orders are always complete and faultless. If your order is incorrect or incomplete we will happily solve the issue as soon as possible.
In order for us to process your return as fast and efficiently as possible, please contact our Customer Care Team at enquiries@capri.co.za.

Are there any fees associated with a return?
In the event where a Capri product(s) are damaged by the customer or exhibit signs of use or abuse, we reserve the right to refuse the return or charge the customer the full price of the damaged goods. Should a return be due a mistake on an order from Capri’s side, we will return the goods free of charge, however Capri at its sole discretion me decide to charge customers return fees in the event where it is due to customer related issues.

How do I return a product?
Returns are accepted when the order (where reasonably possible) is undamaged, in its original packaging and returned in a sturdy cardboard shipping box. Please contact our customer service team at enquiries@capri.co.za

Can I return my order at any time?
Orders or part of orders may be returned for 30 days after delivery, if the conditions, as set out in the How do I return a product section are met. Manufacturing fault? Each product offers a unique warranty and you are well within your right to make full use of the benefits it brings. Please see our section on Warranties.

My order is incomplete or is damaged, what now?
If your order is incomplete or broken, our Customer Service Team will immediately take any action to correct this mistake. Please contact our Complaints Department at +27 11 438 3600.

Complaint procedure

In the highly unlikely case that something goes wrong with your order, or you are not satisfied with our products or service, we would like to know. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and our service team will do everything possible to assist you. All complaints, compliments, comments and ideas provided by our customers will be carefully read, evaluated, implemented where possible and archived. We accept, as a genuine challenge, improving ourselves through your feedback, on a daily basis.

Please explain the complaint process?
• Your complaint is send to the right department.
• A service representative investigates the cause.
• You are contacted with a proposed solution and to discuss the next steps.
• The complaint is evaluated internally to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

How do I submit a complaint?
There are several ways to submit a complaint:
1. Email: enquiries@capri.co.za (Note: Your complaint will not simply end up amongst general enquiries)
2. Tel: 011 438 3600
3. SMS: 083 453 3503


When you shop at Capri, you have the right to a properly functioning and durable product. Please note that the warranties differ from product to product. 

Our lifetime guarantee applies to all our waterless cookware with the exclusion of bakelite part of handles, thermostat knobs, lids, electrical products and all other homeware products. (Dinner sets, cast iron sets, linen products etc.). 

How does our product warranty work?
• The warranty period starts on the date you receive your product and I valid for the duration of the period as stated for each product.

Our guarantee states:
Stainless Steel Products:
• There is no time limit to our lifetime guarantee.
• If, for any reason, replacement or repair is necessary because of faulty material or workmanship, there will be no charge.
• In the event that the style of cookware is no longer in our current range, it will be replaced with a comparable unit from our latest range.
• Accidental damage: Any cookware which is accidentally damaged by the customer, in any way, will not be replaced under the lifetime guarantee.
• If the bakelite part of the handle, the thermostat knob or lid needs replacement within two years of purchase, because of faulty material or workmanship, there will be no cost.
Electrical Products:
• Should faulty material or workmanship necessitate replacement of any of our electrical products, within one year from delivery, there will be no charge to you.
Other Products:
• All other homeware products must be checked and the condition confirmed by means of customer signature at the time of delivery. Once the products are accepted no further claims will be considered. (Inner coating / ivory enamel of the cast iron set is not guaranteed against scouring and abuse. Linen products are not guaranteed against fading.)

We do not cover the following:
• Consequential damages and/or loss or damage to Capri cookware should such damage be caused due to negligence or misuse.
• Negligence or misuse would refer to ignoring the care instructions for your cookware as prescribed in the Capri instruction booklet.
• Separation of the encapsulated base of our Capri cookware, as a result of excessive overheating, is not covered by our guarantee.
• Pitting is not a result of material defect or faulty workmanship. (Pitting is the corrosion of a metal surface. It is normally confined to a small area and takes the form of cavities).
• Damages effected by refurbishing or repair to any of our products by parties other than Capri are not covered by our guarantee.

For more information about our product warranties, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team. They will make it as easy as possible to go through the process quickly, efficiently and effectively.
There are three ways to reach these helpful guys:
1. Email: enquiries@capri.co.za
2. Tel: 011 438 3600
3. SMS: 083 453 3503