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Fish Tacos with Tomato and Mango Salsa and Mustard Mayo


Things you’ll need:

125ml Mayonnaise
15ml Dijon mustard
15ml White vinegar

300g Exotic baby tomatoes
½ Red onion, peeled and sliced
1 Green mango, peeled and diced
Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

Oil, to deep fry
250g Ice cold water
200g Tempura flour (available at Woolworths)
450g Kingklip, skin off and cut into approximately 5cm x  2cm strips
Salt, to taste 

8 Soft tacos, warmed in a pan
Sliced radishes
Pea shoots
Lime wedges

Step 1

For the mayo, combine all the ingredients in a serving bowl and set aside until needed. Make the salsa by combing all the ingredients in a serving bowl and set aside until needed.

Step 2

For the fish, preheat your oil in the Capri Deep Fryer to 160°C. Pour the ice cold water into a mixing bowl. Add the tempura flour to the water. Stir quickly until all the flour is mixed with the water. Do not over mix. There should be small lumps in the batter. Dip the fish strips in the batter and place in pre-heated oil to fry in batches (only dip the fish strips in the batter just before you place them in the oil, you will have to do this in batches). Fry until golden brown and cooked through. Drain on paper to remove excess oil.




Step 3

Serve immediately in tacos topped with the salsa, mayo and with radishes, pea shoots and lime wedges on the side.


Items used in this recipe

2.5L Capri Deep Fryer