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Hot Cross Bun French Toast with Nutella and Crispy Bacon


Things you’ll need:

3 Eggs
1 Cup cream
Pinch of salt
10ml Vanilla essence
6 Hot cross buns
Butter, to fry

Nutella, to spread
Streaky bacon, grilled until crispy and brushed with a little whiskey and maple syrup
Fresh berries, to serve
Extra maple syrup, to serve

Step 1

For the French toast, place the eggs, cream, salt and vanilla in a medium mixing bowl and whisk to break up the eggs and until smooth.

Step 2

Slice the hot cross buns into three slices each. Heat the 24cm Non-stick Red Saute Frying Pan over medium heat and add a knob of butter. Briefly dip four slices of hot cross bun into the egg mixture, turning to dip both sides of each slice. Place into the hot pan and fry, approximately 1 minute on each side. Remove from pan and stack to keep warm while you coat and fry the remaining slices.

Step 3

Serve in stacks, each piece of French toast spread with Nutella, topped with crispy bacon, berries and a generous drizzle of syrup.


Items used in this recipe

2 Plate Induction Cooker