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How to care for your Cast Iron pots

Note: The proper care will extend the lifespan of your Capri Cast Iron pots indefinitely.


COATING: Apply a light coating of vegetable oil to your pot or skillet, especially the parts that are not enamel coated.

PREPARING: Place the cast iron in a pre-heated oven at 180ºC for 10–15 minutes to create a non-stick layer on areas that are not enamel coated. Repeat as needed.


PITTING: Never add salt to water before the water reaches boiling point. This will cause pitting and damage the enamel coating, invalidating our Warranty.

TEMPERATURE: Always cook on low to medium heat to prevent your food from burning.

UTENSILS: Only use wooden or plastic utensils. Never use stainless steel utensils as it will scratch and damage the enamel coating.

HANDLING: Always use oven gloves. To prevent chipping or scratching only rest or place your cast iron on smooth areas with no sharp edges.

FIRE VS COALS: Never place your cast iron directly over an open fire with flames, only once the wood has turned into coals.


IMMEDIATE CLEANING: Wash immediately after use, using only hot water and dishwashing liquid. Never soak the cast iron as it can cause corrosion on the uncoated areas.

WASHING: Use hot water and a sponge. Avoid using a dishwasher or harsh dishwashing detergents as they could damage the enamel coating, invalidating our Warranty. Rinse thoroughly, as any remaining soap can damage the cast iron.

BURNT FOOD: Do not use steel wool or a metal utensil to scrape off stuck-on food bits. Cover the burnt area with warm water, vinegar or lemon juice and add 2 to 4 tbsp of Bicarbonate of Soda. Let it simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. Wipe the burnt area clean with a sponge, but never use excessive force. Rather repeat the process if necessary.


STORAGE: After washing, dry immediately. Ensure your cast iron is completely dry before storing it. Damp cast iron stored in a closed cupboard could corrode.


REGULAR COATING: If you take care of your cast iron it will last you a lifetime. Regular coating will prevent any corrosion.

REMOVING RUST (UNCOATED AREAS): Remove rust carefully with fine steel wool. Scrub the area with a freshly sliced lemon and ground sea salt. Repeat this process until the rust is removed. DO NOT apply steel wool to the enamel coated surfaces.


Capri offers a 25-year replacement Warranty on all our cast iron products.

This Warranty does not cover damaged or burnt cast iron due to customers not following the Care Instructions or due to abuse or misuse. The enamel coating of our cast iron products can chip or scratch and is not covered by this Warranty. Corrosion can occur on areas that are not enamel coated and is not covered by this Warranty if customers do not follow the Care Instructions.

Any collection or delivery fees are at the customer’s own expense.

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