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Mama Bongi’s famous chocolate chip cookies

Capri loves a feel-good story, and we’d like to share this one with you.

Meet Mama Bongi (on the left), an entrepreneur who bakes the most delicious chocolate chip cookies!


The idea of Mama Bongi was born in 2020, during lockdown in South Africa, where she creatively came up with the idea of providing tasty treats for people to buy and share them with their loved ones.

This cookie business is a dream come true for Mama Bongi and gives her the opportunity to do what she loves and also allows her to provide for her children who live in Zimbabwe.

She always has a smile on her face and her passion for baking brings us joy!

Follow her journey on Instagram (@MamaBongi) or order some tasty cookies on her website (www.mamabongi.co.za).

Read the Q and A below to get to know one of the Cape’s finest cookie creators.

QUESTION: What do you do?

ANSWER: “I bake the best choc chip cookies in the world.”

QUESTION: Where do you make your magic?

ANSWER: “I bake my amazing cookies at my mentor’s offices (which is a house) where I also live in a beautiful old home in Wynberg. I am very lucky to be able to use the big kitchen downstairs during the day.”

QUESTION: Why do you do it?

ANSWER: “I love cooking and I love to see people happy when they are eating my food.”

QUESTION: How did you start making these cookies?

ANSWER: I started making cookies for my mentor’s clients of her company (Amazing Spaces) which she used to deliver. They loved them so much and started asking if they could buy my cookies. This is how the idea of starting my business was born. My mentor Julia helped me to get started, and she helps me every day.

QUESTION: What makes you feel happy?

ANSWER: I am happiest when I see that people love my cookies and are sharing my story on social media. People are so supportive and loving. I always dreamed of being a teacher and this cookie business allows me to uplift and teach others to cook with me. I am now able to improve my kids’ lives as well as those around me. This is a dream come true for me. I have also always loved cooking.”

QUESTION: If you could bake biscuits for anyone in the world, who would that be?

ANSWER: “I would love to bake for Oprah Winfrey.

QUESTION: Where do you show off your products/ sell your goods?

ANSWER: I have deli’s that stock my cookies in Cape Town: Dalebrook Cafe, Chardonnay Deli, Tamboerswinkel, La Cuccina, CoffeeBloc, as well as online orders off my website.”

Website: www.mamabongi.co.za

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mama.bongi/

We know that supporting small businesses in South Africa is an essential pillar to keeping our economy afloat. By donating a Capri 4.5L Gold Ultimate Stand Mixer to Mama Bongi, she is able to mix her dough more easily until she has raised enough money to buy an industrial mixer and teach determined bakers like her, to make her signature recipe and grow her small business.

If you wish to donate to Mama Bongi’s dream in buying an industrial mixer, please visit this link: https://mamabongi.co.za/product/help-mama-buy-a-mixer/

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