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11L Convection Oven


This multi-level, multi-functional kitchen marvel will allow you to create your family’s favourite meals in minutes. The Capri Convection Oven can bake, boil, roast, steam and fry several dishes at once. Adjustable temperature settings and time controls means more freedom for the cook at home. While the Convection Oven does the cooking, you have time to tick other items of your to-do list.

ⓘ Product Description

11 Litre capacity with temperature and time controls

♥ Benefits

  • Time and cost saving: Cook an entire meal at once | The integrated cleaning system makes it easy to clean | Saves up to 60% more electricity in comparison with electrical stoves | Prepare meals up to three times faster than a normal oven.
  • Healthy: Prepare any meal without butter, margarine or oil, just like an air fryer | All unwanted fats drip down to the bottom | Preserves the food’s natural juices.

★ Features

  • Circular shaped bowl: Helps food to cook evenly.
  • Low heat cooking: Perfect for low-heat cooking.
  • Multiple racks: To stack food and cook entire meal at once.
  • Eight ways: Cook eight different ways.

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