5PC Red Cast Iron (Oval)

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Capri’s cast iron cookware sets are built to last. With its durable high gloss exterior enamel finish, you can make sure that everything you cook in this beautiful and colourful set will taste even better than you initially intended.

5 Piece: 20cm Casserole and lid | 33cm Casserole and lid (2 handles) | 28cm Square griddle pan (1 handle)


  • Quality: Durable high gloss exterior enamel.
  • Healthy: Low heat cooking preserves the nutrients in food.
  • Time-saving: Oven to table. Cook and serve your food in the same cookware.


  • Slow cooking at low temperatures:
  • Ideal for stews, curries, pot roasts and baking.
  • Meat and vegetables have enough moisture to cook themselves.
  • It also reduces shrinkage when roasting your food.

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