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10 PC Bon Appetit Pot Set


Capri’s 18/10 stainless steel Bon Appetit Classique cookware set represents the very best combination of healthy meals, practical use and good looks. The sturdy design ensures even heat distribution for best cooking results and the life-time guarantee is a measure of how great this set is. Make dinner time a celebration!

ⓘ Product Description

10 Piece: 16cm Saucepot and lid (1.5 litre) | 20cm Saucepot and lid (3 litre) | 30cm Stockpot and lid (11.5 litre) | 30cm Casserole and lid (7.5 litre) | 24cm Frying pan and lid (1.5 litre)

♥ Benefits

  • Quality: Healthier meals and a lifetime guarantee.
  • Time and cost saving: Low-heat cooking enhances the taste.
  • Healthy: Waterless cooking reduces the loss of vitamins and minerals.

★ Features

  • 18/10 Stainless Steel: Highest quality stainless steel and rust-resistant.
  • Multifunctional lid: Seal: Lid firmly closed. Steam: Lid handles are placed onto pot side handles. Serve: Lid is tucked into side handles.
  • Healthy: Three-ply capsule base assist with even heat distribution and retention.

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