White Chocolate & Strawberry Cheescake Trifle Primary Image
White Chocolate & Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle
It’s not Christmas if there isn’t a delicious make-in-advance crowd pleasing Christmas trifle. The glorious combination of white chocolate, strawberries,
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Low Carb Gluten Free Chocolate Granola Primary Image
Low Carb Gluten-Free Chocolate Granola
We’ve all overindulged this past holiday season and it’s now time to get back into those healthy eating habits. Why
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Ginger Beer Baked Gammon with Plums Primary Image
Ginger Beer Baked Gammon with Plums
This scrumptious ginger beer baked gammon with plums, is a mouth-watering South African spin on a traditional festive roast. The
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Sticky Glazed Tofu & Pineapple Braai Skewers Primary Image
Vegan Sticky Glazed Tofu & Pineapple Braai Skewers
Going to family braai’s can be tough when you’re a devoted vegan, and simply braaing vegetables can get boring and
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Banana Nice Cream Sandwiches Primary Image
Banana Nice Cream Sandwiches
Who would have thought that you could make cookies AND (healthier) ice cream using only 4 ingredients each? Making this
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Deluxe Braai Broodjies Primary Image
Braaibroodjies with a Twist
Tired of the same old braaibroodjie recipe? Want to kick it up a notch, while still keeping the gooey melted
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Strawberry Smore Hand Pies Primary Image
Strawberry S’more Hand Pies
These scrumptiously flaky and gooey strawberry s’more hand pies are great as a dessert, for brunch or even as a
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Low Carb Chicken & Courgette Lasagna Primary Image
Low Carb Chicken & Courgette Lasagne with Cheats White Sauce
This low carb chicken & courgette lasagna is a flavourful, protein packed dish and perfect if you are on a
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Breakfast Pizza Boats Primary Image
Breakfast Pizza Boats
This Greek style Peinirli or breakfast pizza boats are a fun and delicious way to mix up your usual breakfast routine.
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Cauliflower Summer Cauli-Salad Primary Image
Low Carb Summer Cauli-Salad with Dates, Pine Nuts & Curry Yoghurt Dressing
Keeping in shape this holiday season can be tricky, especially with all the delicious Christmas food awaiting. This low carb
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