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When you shop at Capri, you have the right to a properly functioning and durable product. Please note that the warranties differ from product to product. 

Our lifetime guarantee applies to all our waterless cookware with the exclusion of bakelite part of handles, thermostat knobs, lids, electrical products and all other homeware products. (Dinner sets, cast iron sets, linen products etc.). 

How does our product warranty work?

• The warranty period starts on the date you receive your product and I valid for the duration of the period as stated for each product.

Our guarantee states:

Stainless Steel Products:
• There is no time limit to our lifetime guarantee.
• If, for any reason, replacement or repair is necessary because of faulty material or workmanship, there will be no charge.
• In the event that the style of cookware is no longer in our current range, it will be replaced with a comparable unit from our latest range.

• Accidental damage: Any cookware which is accidentally damaged by the customer, in any way, will not be replaced under the lifetime guarantee.
• If the bakelite part of the handle, the thermostat knob or lid needs replacement within two years of purchase, because of faulty material or workmanship, there will be no cost.

Electrical Products:
• Should faulty material or workmanship necessitate replacement of any of our electrical products, within one year from delivery, there will be no charge to you.

Other Products:
• All other homeware products must be checked and the condition confirmed by means of customer signature at the time of delivery. Once the products are accepted no further claims will be considered. (Inner coating / ivory enamel of the cast iron set is not guaranteed against scouring and abuse. Linen products are not guaranteed against fading.)

We do not cover the following:

• Consequential damages and/or loss or damage to Capri cookware should such damage be caused due to negligence or misuse.
• Negligence or misuse would refer to ignoring the care instructions for your cookware as prescribed in the Capri instruction booklet.
• Separation of the encapsulated base of our Capri cookware, as a result of excessive overheating, is not covered by our guarantee.
• Pitting is not a result of material defect or faulty workmanship. (Pitting is the corrosion of a metal surface. It is normally confined to a small area and takes the form of cavities).
• Damages effected by refurbishing or repair to any of our products by parties other than Capri are not covered by our guarantee.

For more information about our product warranties, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team. They will make it as easy as possible to go through the process quickly, efficiently and effectively.
There are three ways to reach these helpful guys:

1. Email: customerservices@capri.co.za
2. Tel: 011 438 3600
3. SMS: 083 453 3503