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Who We Are

JULY 1966

  • Founded in the home of Gert Brits and Willah Marais in Ferndale, Randburg.
  • Gert, the company founder, borrowed R300 from his mother-in-law to start the business.
  • The company was named after the Capri Islands in Italy. Willah, Gert’s wife, chose the name.
  • The business specialised in household linen, which was sold to the public by a sales agent.
  • Gert Brits, Willah Marais and one other employee made up the whole staff.
  • Gert Brits sold the linen out of his car and earned a salary of R15 per month.
  • Willah Marais bought fabric and designed her own patterns and linen.

  • The business moved to a small office in Bram Fischer Drive in Randburg.
  • Thereafter the offices moved twice. First to a small 100 square meter storeroom and later to a 350 square meter office. Both located in Bram Fischer Drive.

JAN 1981

Moved to own premises, 9 Naaf Street, Strijdompark which is 850 square meter in size.

JAN 1987

Founded another company by the name of T & G Exclusive Creations.

MAR 1988

Founded another company by the name of Ciskei Household Products.

JUNE 1989

Founded another company by the name of Hollywood Household Supplies.

MAY 1991

Founded another company by the name of V.I.P Imports.

JULY 1992

The current office space at 4 Naaf Street, Strijdompark has grown to 1 800 square meters.

DEC 2007

Mr Brits passed away and handed the company over to his daughter, Qume Eksteen.


Capri opens a company in Botswana.


Merged together all the companies founded between 1987 and 1991 to only one company by the name of Capri Linen.


  • The company name changes from Capri Linen to Capri Exclusive Homeware.
  • One name, one brand and one company for marketing purposes.
  • Capri opens a third company in Namibia.


    • Capri celebrates the

50th anniversary of the company

     – something not many family businesses can claim today.


  • Under the leadership of Qume Eksteen, Capri has grown even stronger.
  • 63 Employees and over a 150 well-trained sales agents.
  • Capri has now well-established companies in three African countries: South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.