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Work for us


Work for us

For over 51 years Capri Exclusie Homeware has helped hundreds of thousands of people by providing them with only the best cookware on the market. We are proud to have over a 150 well-trained agents in the field who specialise in providing people all over South Africa, Botswana and Namibia with top-quality homeware products.

As a well-established direct sales and marketing company we are always looking for enthusiastic, friendly and self-motivated agents to join our team and become part of our thriving business environment. If you have what it takes than send a copy of your CV with a motivational letter to jobs@capri.co.za and we will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
It is easy! Get in contact with us by sending a copy of your CV with a motivational letter to jobs@capri.co.za and we will contact you. We will ask you to fill in an application form and also attend a training session so that you can learn all the tricks of the trade. After attending the training session, you can go into the field with one of our top-agents who will share vital information with you and help you get started.

Who do I sell to?
We book demonstration sessions with our target market which include teachers and staff from various school across the three countries. We also sell to many public institutions like clinics, hospitals and police stations. You can also start with people you know like family, friends and neighbours. Referrals and more business opportunities will follow from there!

How much can I earn?
The sky is the limit! You are in control of your own business, success and future. Some of our top-agents have trippled their income in just over two months working for Capri. You can also earn more money for every new agent you bring to Capri.

Can I only work in South Africa?
No, we currently sell our products in three different countries (South Africa, Botswana and Namibia). Therefore you can choose where you would like to work.

What kind of incentives do you offer?
You can win up to four FREE tickets to one of our annual international incentive trips when you reach your sales tarket. You will be able to take your loved ones on a much needed vacation. Here is a list of the places we’ve visited in the past: Mauritius, Thailand, Bangkok, Malaysia, Dubai and Brazilia.

Success stories
See what some of our agents have to say. We have many other success stories like this . . .

HAFENI SHIFOTOKA (Previous job: Sales Manager)
“I use to earn NS18 000 per month. I now earn NS118 200 per month. I took a big gamble at first, but during Capri’s training I realised that I can make a success of this and earn more money.”

SHALI NDAHANGUAPO (Previous job: Business owner)
“I was a small business owner with a salary of NS25 000 per month. I now earn about NS118 200 per month working as a sales agent.”

HENDRINA NDEILENGA (Previous job: Business owner)
“I earned a small salary of only NS7 000 per month. In my second month working for Capri, I’ve trippled my salary. I now earn about NS47 000 per month.”

KELEBOGILE TAOLO (Previous job: Cashier at Chicken Express)
“Before I joined Capri I used to earn as little as P1200. My first month at Capri I earned more than P7000 and in my second month I earned more than P40 000. I see this as a financial breakthrough from God.”