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What We Do

For over 50 years, Capri Exclusive Homeware has specialised in high quality cookware and electrical appliances. From pot & pan sets, cutlery sets, bakeware sets and much more. With our competitive prices and exceptional customer service, our agents have supplied thousands of people with the best in quality homeware.

Our Salesforce consists of over 150 well-trained agents, who specialise in providing our valued clients with top quality homeware products at the best prices on the market. We are situated in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, our trucks deliver on a biweekly basis to ensure our customers receive their orders in a timely fashion.

Why Choose Us

There’s no substitute for experience and Capri has been operating since 1966, with a reputation of being one of the most respected and leading suppliers of quality homeware within our market. We offer efficient service, quality and an in-depth knowledge of the products we sell.

Working in partnership with our customers and suppliers we provide that our products are of the highest standard, and ensure a lifetime guarantee on our quality stainless steel products.

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