1. Stability

Join our company which has been in business for over 55 years. Since the beginning of Covid-19, Capri has managed to keep 100% of its employees and Sales Consultants.

2. Sales Consultant or Independent Sales Agent

The choice is up to you, Capri offers you the opportunity to become an independent Sales Agent or full-time Sales Consultant. You just need to make a decision.

3. No limit to your income

Capri’s Sales Consultants are our number one asset and after 56 years we have developed a multi-level earning potential structure that provides you the opportunity to build and grow multiple streams of income. In the last two years the highest monthly pay out to a Sales Consultant was R/N$/P268,000 and our top Sales Consultants averaged a monthly income of R/N$/P126,000.

4. Yearly incentive trips

For over 30 years we have rewarded our Sales Consultants with executive international incentive trips. Reach your yearly targets and let us treat you and your loved ones on our next trip to Brazil, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, India, Thailand or Vietnam.

5. Multiple streams of income

One of the biggest benefits of working for Capri, is being able to make use of our many different platforms and strategies to build multiple streams of income. These streams include monthly business allowances, commission payments, recruitment reward payments, regular competitions with competition pay outs up to R/N$/P10,000, and yearly international incentive trips to the value of R/N$/P120,000.

6. Recruitment incentive

Earn up to R/N$/P2,000 per recruit when you introduce new consultants to Capri.

7. Flexibility

At Capri, you are given the freedom to decide where, when and what you want to sell.

8. End-to-end support

When you join Capri, you automatically receive multiple teams with years of experience to help you build and maintain your business. We have the people, systems, and processes in place to ensure that as a sales consultant, you can focus solely on sales. Don’t worry about delivering products or collecting money, let us take care of that!

9. Elite training program

We do not have any start-up fees and we do not believe that we should throw you in the deep end and see if you can swim. Instead, Capri believes in giving every single consultant the best possible chance to be successful, by completing our Elite Training Programme.

10. Daily in-depth reporting

We understand the importance of giving you proper feedback of your hard work and that is why Capri has developed the systems and processes to provide our Sales Consultants with in-depth reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

11. Exclusive and top quality homeware products

There is nothing worse than selling a product(s) if you don’t believe in it and use them in your own home. Capri does not compromise on quality and every new product is tested for a minimum of three months by multiple people before it is approved and launched.

  1. How do I start my journey with Capri?

    Step 1: Complete our application form.
    Step 2: Choose between Sales Consultant OR Independent Sales Agent.
    Step 3: You will receive an email from the office to confirm the status of your application within a few working days.
    Step 4: Should your application be approved, you will have to complete the Training Programme.

  2. Can I join Capri anytime?
    Yes, you can! To join our Sales Team, just complete our online application form.

  3. I sent my CV to Capri, what now?
    Ensure that you have sent your CV to jobs@capri.co.za and you should receive a notification stating that your application has been received.

  4. Where do I go, and whom do I sell to?
    One of the challenges in sales can be not knowing where to go and whom to approach with your products. With Capri you do not have to worry about that at all! During your training we will show you exactly whom to target, where to find your target market and how to sell to them.

  5. How much can I earn?
    Capri has developed a multi-level earning potential structure that provides you the opportunity to build and grow multiple streams of income. The different streams of income include:

    Independent Sales Agent
    1: Commission payments of 12% on all your open account, layby, and cash sales.
    2: R/N$/P2,000 recruitment reward payments for every new Sales Consultant you introduced to the company.
    3: Monthly allowance payments to boost your business.
    4: Regular competitions with bonus payments up to R/N$/P10,000.
    5: Yearly international incentive trips for you and your family up to the value of R/N$/P120,000+.

    Sales Consultant
    1: Monthly business allowance payments between R/N$/P6,000- R/N$/P26,000.
    2: South Africa Commission: Commission payment of up to 17% on all your open account, layby and cash sales.
    Namibia and Botswana: Commission payment of up to 25% on all your open account, layby and cash sales.
    3: R/N$/P2,000 recruitment reward payments for every new Sales Consultant you introduced to the company.
    4: Monthly allowance payments to boost your business.
    5: Regular competitions with bonus payments up to R/N$/P10,000.
    6: Yearly international incentive trips for you and your family up to the value of R/N$/P120,000+.

  6. What if I don't have any sales experience?
    Some people were born to sell, some were not, and then there are many people who just need a bit of training and guidance to become successful. We are not only looking for people with years of experience in sales as it is more important for us to find people who believe in our products, believe in our dream and would represent and treat our company and brand like their own. With the help of our high-quality training material, we will guide and nurture you in your journey with Capri Exclusive Homeware.

  7. Will I receive sales and marketing tools to help me sell?
    Independent Sales Agents will be able to use all of our online sales and marketing tools which will include product catalogues, multiple selling flyers and videos about our company products and payment options, etc.

    Sales Consultants will be able to access all the Independent Sales Agents tools as well as receiving monthly and yearly sales and marketing tools.

  8. Can I work from home?
    Yes! Choose to become an Independent Sales Agent and work from the comfort of your own home.

  9. What are the skills required to become a Capri Sales Consultant?
    Customer service skills: Identify the customers' needs, answer their questions and find solutions for them.
    Communication skills: Provide concise information about the products you sell and explain their features to the customers.
    Self-driven: You must be able to get up every morning, willing to travel and to work without supervision.
    Technology literate: Capri is a modern homeware company and we operate fully online therefore you are required to be able to do the same.

  10. What is required to be a Sales Consultant?
    1. Own a reliable vehicle.
    2. Prepared to travel.
    3. Minimum three years field sales experience.
    4. Matric certificate.
    5. Computer literate.
    6. You must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.
    7. Own a Smartphone, iPad or laptop.

  11. What is required to be an Independent Sales Agent?
    1. You must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.
    2. Computer literate.
    3. Own a Smartphone, iPad or laptop.

“I have been a part of this company since 2016 and I can attest to this amazing company, products and people. Capri’s training and support has facilitated me to make this opportunity flourish and blossom into such a fulfilling and rewarding career. Working as a Sales Consultant for Capri, I am now earning over six times more than I used to earn working as a manager and I never dreamt about having the opportunity to travel overseas with my family every year. The best part of Capri is not the money and incentives but knowing that you actually change the lives of customers because our products really give them an opportunity to live a quality lifestyle."

Hafeni Shifotoka

Namibian Sales Consultant

“I was introduced to Capri in July 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. My husband and I was supposed to be teaching in China, but due to the lockdown restrictions we could not return and this had a massive impact on our monthly income. I had no previous sales experience, but one of the company’s directors told me not to worry about that. I completed the training programme and started selling on Facebook and WhatsApp. Working from home as an Independent Sales Agent, I managed to earn an average of R17 000 per month. After sixth months it increased to R24 000 per month. We are back in China and I am still selling for Capri in my spare time. Although I can’t work as efficiently as always, I am still managing to earn a couple of thousand Rands every month.”

Jessica Boodenstein

Independent South African Sales Agent

“I saw an advert in the newspaper for a Sales Consultant for Capri, back in 2013. Even though it was their first year of business in Namibia, I applied, as I believed it could change my life. Not only am I now earning more than I ever thought I would earn, but I have also travelled the world with Capri. Most importantly, I am able to provide an amazing life for my wife and twin boys. Over the years, I have seen the effect of our products on our customers’ lives. It’s not just a product to our customers, but a symbol of their status and achievements. To be able to fill their homes with products of this calibre gives customers an opportunity to have something in their homes that really says, ‘I’ve made it!’.”

Petrus UUshona

Namibian Sales Consultant

“I was self-employed before I started working as a Sales Consultant for Capri. I joined Capri Exclusive Homeware in 2011 and in 2013, 2014 and 2015 – three years in a row – I won Top Sales Consultant of the year. Every year I also won overseas holidays for my whole family; all expenses paid. The best part is that I still work for myself, but all I have to focus on is sales while the company takes care of the rest. For any new Sales Consultant joining Capri, there’s no special secrets, just get the products in front of your customers and the products will sell itself.”

Sona Ramlal

South African Sales Consultant

“I am an Independent Sales Agent for Capri and absolutely love it! If you want to make extra money every month, then Capri is definitely the place to do that. We have wonderful products, and our different payment options really make it so much easier to sell as our customers can actually afford to buy and own our type of quality products. I can also vouch that Capri’s experience in the industry really makes a big difference with sales. The company has all the strategies, processes and support structures in place to make it easier for us as Sales Consultants and our customers. You will not regret giving this opportunity with Capri a go.”

Pauline Nell

South African Independent Sales Agent

“I’ve been doing direct marketing of cookware for the past 25 years, selling similar products for competitor companies. Never have I experienced such professionalism, quality products, training and guidance as I received from Capri. I love being on the road and travelling to different places because with Capri I can work wherever I want to. I have seen so many beautiful places in South Africa while making money. Join us and make a success of your business with really unimaginable income potential.”

Joe Kruger

South African Sales Consultant

“I joined Capri in 2013 after working for one of our competitors for over seven years and it was the best career change decision ever. Apart from the earning potential with Capri, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that I provide my customers with high quality products. On top of that, I have an ease of mind knowing that the After Sales Support Team at Capri will ensure that customers will stay happy and satisfied after the sale.”

Lilly Willard

South African Sales Consultant

“With Capri everything you want is possible. Capri changed my life in the most amazing way. During my training at Capri, I just laughed when the Sales Director was telling us about what we can make monthly because I thought he was just trying to sell us some story so that we join the company. So, if I tell you, the last job I had before Capri only gave me P4 500 and now with Capri I am earning more than P30 000 monthly. In Botswana we know what lifestyle that can give you. I am glad that they chose me for a testimonial, but Capri could have asked anyone in our Botswana team and they will all be able to tell you how this amazing company has changed our lives!”

Benjamin Koosaletse

Botswanan Sales Consultant

Application Form


  • Own a reliable vehicle.
  • Prepared to travel.
  • Minimum 3 years field sales experience.
  • Matric certificate.
  • Computer literate.
  • Read, write and speak English fluently.
  • Own a Smartphone, iPad or laptop.


  • Matric certificate.
  • Computer literate.
  • Read, write and speak English fluently.
  • Own a Smartphone, iPad or laptop.

I hereby confirm that all the information given in this application is true and correct to my knowledge.
I hereby give Capri Exclusive Homeware permission to do a criminal check.
I hereby give Capri Exclusive Homeware permission to do a credit check.